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Frequently asked questions

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How does it work?

How does it work?

What is a sponsored challenge?

In a sponsored challenge you overcome your weaknesses and bad habits or you reject pleasures, dedicating this to a chosen NGO. While pursuing the challenge, you combine business with pleasure, e.g. you run a marathon while supporting a chosen organisation and increasing its reach among your friends and colleagues. They, seeing your dedication and appreciating your effort, decide to donate even the smallest amount at the challenge page. When the challenge is completed, collected funds shall be transferred to the selected organisation.

You can find a list recommended challenges here.

Can I donate by card?

Yes! Card donations are available from 100 PLN. We use PayPal for processing card payments. Simply enter your donation amount and choose PayPal at checkout. Then you will be redirected to PayPal. If you have an account with them, please log in, or just select checkout without an account and enter you (credit or debit) card details.

What challenge can I plan and organise?

It is just up to you and your creativity!

There is no single recipe for a perfect challenge. WayMore is a tool that gives great opportunities for users without interfering with type of your activities as long as you do not hurt anyone. However, if you want to support an NGO but you completely do not know where to start, feel invited to familiarise yourself with our recommended ideas..

How to use an idea?

It is super easy!

On the main page please findthe recommended ideas section, read through WayMore Help suggestions as well as ones created by other users and organisations. Please think then which challenge could bring you the most fun, which would be mostly appreciated by your friends, and finally which one would be easy to promote. You can find there lots of inspiration for designing your own plan but also pursue an already described idea by clicking on 'use this idea' button. This will forward you to a page where you need to name the NGO you want to support. Then, please personalise the challenge description by adding a text, title, and, obviously, lots of pictures! Finally, please name the amount you want to fundraise and the date when the collection should be finished. In such an easy way, you can change the surrounding you world!

How to choose an NGO that I want to support?

Think about causes that you care most about. Then, have a look which organisations that are registered with us try to tackle them. Or maybe your friends are involved in initiatives of some NGOs? Ask them if they need extra funding for their activities.

If you cannot find your favourite NGO on our platform in the recommended organisations section , encourage them to join us - it is completely free!

How to start fundraising?

The most important step is to set up your challenge website, and then to share its web address with as many friends as possible. The more people know about your idea, the more supporters your chosen charity will get!

Do not forget to update your challenge page with the latest information about your progress. The more interactive it is, the more data you will get to be shared online at social media and thus, you can get more supporters and followers that guarantee to fundraise money to support your chosen NGO.

How to set up a challenge page?

Setting up a challenge page requiressetting up an individual user account first. Then, one needs to add a challenge by clicking here.

You will be then forwarded to a page where you can choose an organisation that you want to dedicate your challenge to. Then, please personalise your challenge description by adding text, title, and, obviously, lots of pictures! Finally, name the amount you want to collect and the date your fundraising should be finished.

How to increase the number of donations?

Your friends are only the beginning. Reach out to local, or national media, they will be happy to write about an interesting initiative. Ask your friends for help, maybe they have good ideas. Remember that the more supporters you find, the more money go towards your chosen charity.

Do not forget to update your challenge page on a regular basis, e.g. upload the latest photos from practice sessions, say thank you when you collect a milestone amount, or just show your happiness when you complete the challenge1

WayMore will assist in promoting chosen challenges in our social media channels - follow us on Facebook and Twitter. It is our common goal that you achieve a huge success!

What advantages come from the presence at WayMore?

By registering your organisation, you gain not only a new source of funding. Presence at WayMore also increases your potential target audience. Because of direct involvement of individual users who organise and pursue challenges as well as supporters to chip in money, you can reach much wider group of enthusiasts of your actions. This is your chance to praise yourself with your achievements and spread the word about your activities!

And most importantly, registering an account is completely free!

How to sign up as an NGO?

Signing up as an NGO requires you to sign up as an individual first. You can sign in or register here. Next, add an NGO account by clicking on the "sign up as an NGO" link at the bottom of the page. You will need good quality graphics (your logo and a background picture), some basic information about your NGO, a short description of your organisation, and a thank you note for your supporters.

Each registered NGO will need to be verified - this usually takes one working day. Thank you for your patience.

How to encourage users to support our NGO?

WayMore is a wonderful tool facilitating your organisation's PR. Start from your members and volunteers - ask them to spread the word about your presence at WayMore and the opportunities it gives you. Send some press releases to local media - we are confident that they will want to write and share a article about your achievements! Or potentially organised an event promoting sponsored challenges? The list of possibilities is almost endless! Do not forget about your social media that are super important nowadays!

WayMore will also promote you in our social media channels - follow us on Facebook and Twitter. It is our common goal that you can achieve a huge success!

Your question is not here? Write to us!

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