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Media about us

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Why WayMore? I really wanted to collect some money for the Polish chapter of United World Colleges [while hiking] - says Marta. It so happened that there were no platforms available in Poland which would enable that. I think that if an NGO has helped somebody, that person wants to give back - she explains.

Adam Pach, Gazeta Wyborcza, 24 August 2016

Who we are, what we do

WayMore is a new initiative for Polish NGOs created by a group of young Poles who are passionate about charity related projects and who have long lasting experience in the third sector. In our opinion, we decided to face a very important challenge of diversification of financing structure for non-governmental entities. Thus, we would like to present you a platform that facilitates donation crowdfunding based on the idea of sponsored challenges. It is an extremely popular way of fundraising in the Western countries that successfully increases the target audience of charitable activities.

You can also support your chosen organisation! Think about your weaknesses which your friends are aware of. You do not like running? Swimming makes you miserable? Or maybe cycling is your nightmare? Step up and overcome this to show your support for an NGO of your choice! You are encouraged to promote such a challenge in any way - among your friends, local media, or online - to collect the highest possible amount In other words, let your friends know about such an initiative and ask them to pay even the smallest amount of money. They will not only be supporting you, but most importantly a good cause as well. When the challenge is completed and you reach your goal, the collected funds will be transferred to the selected NGO’s account. Overcoming your weaknesses has never been so rewarding!

How does it work?

Registration at is completely free for both challengers and NGOs.

Please follow us in the social media and sign up to our mailing list. It would allow you to stay up to date with all the latest news and information. We strongly believe that such cooperation with us brings you only advantages.

Together we can improve the Polish third sector!

WayMore founding parents